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Interested in taking advantage of some of the exciting services Frankenmuth Credit Union has to offer? A Frankenmuth Credit Union membership makes you an owner of the credit union and once you are an owner, you are able to open any other services we offer!

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24/7 Online Mortgage Applications and Approvals

Whether you are looking to purchase, refinance, build, do home improvements, or buy a second home, Frankenmuth Credit Union has solutions for you. We offer Vacant Land Loans, Construction Loans, Home Equity Loans, Fixed Conventional Loans, Rural Development Loans, Pre-Approvals, and more!

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Credit Cards

A credit card is a credit card, right? Not really. Sure those national big bank and merchant tied credit cards might look great as they pump millions of dollars and big name actors to promote their cards, but did you know your local hometown financial solution offers credit cards even better than the big banks, plus your dollars stay local?

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Why Frankenmuth Credit Union and Kasasa?

Chris-Caro, MI

Frankenmuth Credit Union Member

"I love my Kasasa account! When I brag about the APR, I even have to tell them to check the website because it's almost unheard of. Thanks FCU and the Kasasa team!!!"

Renee-Burt, MI

Frankenmuth Credit Union Member

"Roses are red, violets are blue, Kasasa you reward me for all that I do - oh, how I love YOU!"

Cheryl-Frankenmuth, MI

Frankenmuth Credit Union Member

"Changing over my checking account to Kasasa was easy, and now I'm saving money while using my debit card instead of my credit card. The extra cash is going into my vacation account, I can feel the sunshine already!!"

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